Analysis Of Lauren Becker 's If I Would Leave Myself Behind

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Review Lauren Becker’s If I Would Leave Myself Behind Verbosity is an illness many writers struggle to keep in remission. Writing about human components and sensations must require some form of complicated, convoluted thought or idea—or does it? Straddling a line between pompous and simplistic can be a difficult feat when trying to compile a new and exciting story. Few accomplish their desired effect, be it to educate or move a reader. However, great author’s understand the significance of finding which words and meanings are significant, and which area not. Lauren Becker’s use of prose is impeccable in her 2014 novella. Lines such as, “You really should pay attention because you’ll forget the important things,” hold some weight singularly, but fill the reader with a deep sense meaning when read in the context of her book. Becker, author of the well-composed collection of short stories and a novella entitled If I Would Leave Myself Behind straddles the line beautifully with her simple prose and profound significance. Her minimalistic writing doesn’t reduce the impact of her collection. Whether it be the emotions we strive to understand, or idiosyncratic, abnormal behavior we endure in those we love, If I Would Leave Myself Behind is a fit read for avid readers, and those who can only stand reading for a short meme, a twitter post or a half page blog. A deep seeded search for reason behind human behavior can be found in each story. Opening her novella with modern

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