Analysis Of Leadership And Followership. Reflecting On

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Analysis of Leadership and Followership Reflecting on my nursing career and trying to pick out a situation that would appropriately describe a leadership or follower situation, I decided on a leadership scenario. I most often assume the role of follower and avoid taking charge of situations. Once I had worked a few years in the emergency department, I began to be nudged into the leadership role more often. Working in the resuscitation room gave me a better feeling of leadership amongst my peers. When you become the nurse in charge of resuscitation, running the codes and traumas, people look at you with a different expectation. As stated by Daft (2011) “Good leaders know how to follow, and they set an example for others” (pg. 6). Assuming…show more content…
Daft (2011) describes four significant areas where this type of leadership varies from transactional leadership in chapter twelve, “Transformational leadership develops followers into leaders”(pg.363), and that transformational leadership can be learned rather than ingrained. Personally I have always felt I have been more of a follower and that statement seemed to best explain how I fell into the leadership role easily during the crisis. Focusing on my top five strengths from Strengths Finder 2.0, I’ll start with my number two strength that was adaptability. Rath (2007), describes this strength in part as a “flexible person who can stay productive when the demands of the work are pulling you in many different directions at once” (pg.45). Even though I had little experience with delegation, I managed to assign the roles accordingly and lead a fairly organized trauma. The boy went into ventricular tachycardia approximately eight times, all while his mother stood at the side of the bed screaming for us to save her child. We transfused fourteen units of packed red blood cells following four litres of normal saline just to keep his blood pressure up. I asked that everyone call out what task they were performing to avoid duplication. The supervisor was in charge of consoling and explaining the procedures to the mother as the code progressed, also deciding that she should remain in the room. This proved to be a distraction for the team on a physical and emotional
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