Analysis Of Leni Fragakis 's Third Grade Class

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At Arts-Based School I did my observation in Leni Fragakis’s third grade class. This was the first observation I had done since learning about instructional design. Since learning it, I now have a new way of observing, I pay more attention to the teacher; how she implemented the lessons, what strategies she uses, and the types of assessments she uses. This gives me a better experience because before I was just paying attention to what the students were doing and their part in the classroom and now I am paying attention to so much more. Even though it is important to watch the kids, I now also know how important it is to observe the teacher, too. I was also able to observe what I am learning in class be used in the classroom. Leni Fragakis’s class was an average size about 20 students with a few more girls than boys. While I was counting the number of students one girl stood out to me, she was in the back of the room in a wheelchair. Because of this the classroom had to be set up in a way she could get to a desk and around the room comfortably. The desk were set up in four sets of five and off to the side there was a table with computers. This means the room was a little crowded but the girl in the wheelchair could still get around to the desk in the back and a few other important places in the classroom. The first lesson I saw take place was the end of a math lesson. The students were independently working on a set of math problems. These problems were mainly
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