Analysis Of Leonardo Da Vinci 's ' A Man With A Mechanical Body '

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Eden Winga Ms. Gallenberg September 24, 2015 Our Robotic Society In 1495, Leonardo da Vinci drew a picture of a man with a mechanical body. In the 10th century, ancient Chinese people wrote mythological stories and philosophies about humanoid, autonomous, and mechanical machines. Today thousands of authors, producers, and scientists, are acting on these amazing, life-changing robots and creating pieces of literature and film that show how humanity has changed and how our society interacts with these bionic people. Our society has transformed in both positive and negative ways with robots and with almost a 20% increase in manufacturing of them, they are becoming a part of our lives. Robotics began as a popular hobby towards the end of the 20th century and only the smartest would even dare to attempt to create one. Even though robots didn 't exist in reality for thousands of years, many religions believed in these “cyborgs” as gods from the heavens. As these electrically and mechanically engineered beings are forming in our every-day lives, you will hear about them most protecting soldiers in Iraq from IED bombs and working alongside troops on the battlefield. Robots in Iraq have become a controversial, but tactical decision over the 10 years the Middle-Eastern countries have fought with the United States. From reduced “revenge” murders when U. S troops kill their own men, to the risk of a cybercriminal hacking into the the U. S. A Military 's

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