Analysis Of Leslie Marmon Silko's The Ceremony

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Great post! What makes Silko’s work interesting is her unique techniques of making her readers become complex thinkers, as she is always setting up a pleasing little debate to make a real argument about her thoughts and ideas through her writing. Although the story is full of mystical subjects, but it tackles actual matters and represents the major role of culture on individuals and society. The story leaves us thinking about the past and its biases that affect the way we view other people. There is a frequent violation against persons and their human rights that driving them into conditions of confusion and anxiety. Erin, a crisis like a bomb explodes in one’s life. Why do you think the reason we see so many crises in our literature books?…show more content…
The Ceremony is a literature with the philosophical messages that revolves around the meaning of the basic concept, which is “understanding of oneself”. Knowing the exact meaning of this element would help to recognize the strength and weakness in someone, and have insight into what is truth and what is false. The main point seems to be offering us certainty regarding historians’ argument to understand what happened in the past, and gives details about the struggle among the natives to adjust to everyday life and how people find it difficult to adjust within their
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