Analysis Of Leslie Silko's Ceremony

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In Leslie Silko's novel, Ceremony, Tayo's healing process takes him on an extensive spiritual journey to find his way back to his roots. On that journey, he encounters several mental challenges in order to let go of traumatic events he has faced throughout his life. While he embarks on this journey to happiness, Tayo encounters many symbols that help aid him in developing this sense of freedom. Having grown up Native American, Tayo learns that nature is a fundamental part in not only his life, but in his healing process altogether. Thought this novel, the reader witnesses Tayo’s connection to the natural world and to that of the rain, the sun, and the earth. As the story opens up, Silko makes it a point for the reader to realize the…show more content…
At the end of Tayo’s healing process, “the sun was sending yellow light across the clouds, and the yellow river sand was speckled with the broken shadows. The leaves of the big cottonwood tree had turned pale yellow, the first sunlight caught the tips of the leaves at the top of the old tree and made them bright gold”(32-33). The sun and the color yellow become natural/spiritual signs to Tayo. They are portrayed as a sign that both health and life were/are returning to not only his people, but he himself and his life. The sky and the color blue are associated with nature, life, and healing. It is the color of the sky and the color of the rainclouds that show an end to this drought and illustrate the return of life. Tayo's encounters with important female characters in the novel, like the Night Swan and Ts'eh, are also encounters with nature. The Night Swan and Ts'eh can both be seen as embodiments of the earth. Ts’eh also has morning glories planted outside of her house "the color of the sky, with thin white clouds spreading from the center of the blossoms into the bright blue”. The second time Tayo meets her, she is wearing a blue shawl collecting plants "the color of the sky after a summer rainstorm”. The color blue is associated with the sky and, to Tayo, is the type of happiness that can only come with the end of this drought in his
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