Analysis Of Lessons Learned And Documented At Project Closeout Phase

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An Analysis of Lessons Learned at Project Closeouts ABRAHAM J MAJU (MPM 630 – Project Closeout) February 2015 UNIVERSITY OF MARY, BISMARCK ND USA Abstract This paper is designed to analyze some of the Lessons Learned and documented at project closeout phase. These analysis are based on the post implementation review and final review at completion of the project. Whether we are managing the upgrading or installations of a very small information technology (IT) system, or supervising a very large and complex construction project, there will definitely be some important lessons that we can all learn from these projects, even some projects that seems to be the most successful and trouble free have lessons from which we can all learn from. An effective Project Manager documents all the lessons learned from his project, analyzes them and applies all outcome of the lessons to future projects throughout the entire organization, this is because ability to review your project in addition to the outcome of Lessons Learned provides a very insightful and meaningful input to the success of future projects. Introduction According to the American Institutes of Architectures (AIA) Best Practices Update of 2007 – “A successful project closeout means different things to each project participant. To the contractor, it means resolving the punch list, reconciling the job cost and collecting the final payment. To the architect, it is the satisfaction of seeing the design
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