Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail By Martin Luther King Jr

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Dr. Martin Luther King Junior in his piece, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” shows that good writers go beyond. King had to convince a group of white town leaders that what they fundamentally believed and stood for was immoral. Throughout the letter, King evokes his passion through rhetoric, tone, and real-life experiences. This passion was fueled by what King witnessed in Birmingham and other communities, as a result of racist leaders. His resulting style and structure of writing showed that he was invested in instigating change. Mainly, the late doctor’s letter pushes, without crossing boundaries, fundamental social change. King knew that his opinion was not popular, thus he had to know his audience well. By reading about the way in which Martin Luther King Junior wrote with passion, especially his use of imagery, we can learn to be more effective writers. During the 1950’s, when which King wrote said letter, black and white segregation was still thriving in areas of the country. Contrary to other states in America, the southern states were having trouble changing to a more desegregated United States. Mostly, the trouble came from the mayors, governors, and other leaders in the southern states of Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama. Said leaders were still students of the mindset that white Americans were superior to their black counterparts. Martin Luther King wanted to change this mindset by opening the eyes of these racist leaders to the cruelty they saw as righteous

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