Analysis Of Letter To My Daughter

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For my summer reading assignment, I read Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou. To begin, each chapter of the book is composed of a life story the author Maya experienced and how it has driven her path. Her words are told through a variety of personal experiences: short texts, life conversations and poems. In the book, you're revealed to her darkest of days to those of her happiest, her outlook towards "love, death, violence, and spirituality." With each journey, Maya illustrates an important situation while allowing the reader to take away what they learned from the experience Salma n the first chapter she is in her adulthood working at a cemetery, she describes her helping them find a burial place while talking about bristle-cone pines, asking how things will change in future, if their names will be remembered. The next chapter she is 12 years old and tells of her experience in Russia Pioneer Camp, she essentially becomes popular due to the interest of the girls wanting to learn about america clothes and customs, while all she wanted to do was run into the woods. Chapter 3, back to her working in cemetery, she talks about death asking her questions about the meaning of it, etc. In chapter 4 she tells the story of her grandma and grandpa meeting while stating how she thought of her great grandfather. In chapter 5 she tells of her relationship with her mother, their childhood visiting her Russian grandparents, arguing with her mother, rebuilding their relationship, and brief stories about her daughter and son. The 6th chapter is her telling her time as a briefs journalist, writing about deaths, and telling of her daughters actions towards their oak trees. Chapter 7 is a two page chapter which describes her sneaking out and drinking, but she talks about the meaning her of her daughters birth. In chapter 8 she writes through her childhood, spending time with her grandfather who owned orange groves, that burnt down, which later she visits with her daughter and brother, but also tells the story of her grandparents meeting. Lastly chapter 9, is the tale of her describing her point of view towards trees, while asking her daughter what trees are, getting different answers, and later hoping to teach her son to
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