Analysis Of Letters To My Child's Staff Person By Michael Brandwein

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Category, classification, type, and style are all words that could be used to define the term genre. Most people automatically relate genre to specific forms of entertainment like music or television, but varying forms of writing should be added to that list. The way a piece of writing is presented or formatted is extremely telling of the author’s purpose and reasoning for writing a particular work. Differing forms of media and technology are often used as a source of knowledge. Because the average person will use their computer or smartphone to find an answer to their question prior to asking a colleague or friend, many sources are structuring their articles and/or blogs in a more comprehensible and approachable manner. These new and improved…show more content…
A written letter to a family friend will obviously be significantly more casual and personal than a typed letter to the owner of the company you work for. In Michael Brandwein’s “A letter to my child’s staff person…” Brandwein is typing a formal letter about his trust and concerns for his child’s soon to be camp counselor, whoever it may be. Brandwein expresses the nerves of putting his child in the arms of someone he has never met. While he uses convincing emotion throughout the letter, there is also a sense of formality that adds to his…show more content…
If these inexperienced young-adults were exposed to Brandwein’s letter in advance they would have more of an opportunity to understand a parent’s perspective on sending their child to camp. The experienced counselor could also learn from the letter because they could think back on the time they spent with their campers and have the ability to gage their behavior with a different viewpoint. That counselor would then possibly understand why a camper was acting a specific way. While letters are personalized and are used to depict a specific emotion, there are many alternate forms of writing that are also extremely informative. WikiHow is an online database comprised of step-by-step how-to tutorials that include illustrations as well as detailed descriptions of almost anything people want to discover how to do. “How to Be a Great Camp Counselor” is one of the countless tutorials on WikiHow. While many other sources may explain what it is to be an exceptional counselor, this article gives its’ readers the knowledge to take action and fully be aware of the required steps to be
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