Analysis Of ' Lewis And The World Of Wonder '

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C.S. Lewis and the World of Wonder
The Story Behind The Chronicles of Narnia

Raindrops splashed against the glass; but Jack stared past them, far beyond to the Green Hills. So beautiful. So unreachable. Jack was born in Ireland in 1898, before most people had cars. They had no televisions and no radios. The world was big and wonderful and mysterious. Jack 's real name was Clive Staples Lewis, but he didn 't like that name. Would you? He picked the name Jack. He made everyone call him Jack. If someone called him Clive, he would not answer. When Jack was six, his family moved. The "New House" was huge, with empty rooms, long hallways, and dusty attics. Imagine exploring a house like that. Jack also liked exploring books. His mother and father loved to read, and they saved all their books. They filled the New House with books – books in the study, in bedrooms, and on the stair landing, books in the attic piled up to Jack’s shoulders. Oh, the splendid hours he spent reading! On rainy afternoons these books transported him to different times and different worlds. Jack made up his own country called Animal-Land. The animals wore clothes and talked and ruled the land. Jack 's older brother Warnie wrote stories about India with trains and steamships. Jack and Warnie combined their countries into one country called Boxen. They wrote about Boxen together. Then Warnie left for a boarding school in England. One hundred years ago, when Jack was a boy, many parents did not…
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