Analysis Of Lik Like The New York Times Company V. Sullivan Case

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This article can be connected to libel because TMZ published a report in 2014 that named and pictured the wrong person who cut off their penis and jumped off a balcony in a suicide attempt.
In detail, the rapper, Marques Johnson, affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan was wrongfully named is an article stating that he cut off his penis. TMZ tried to rewrite a new report correcting their mistake, but it was too late. Other media outlets picked up the first story. Because of this story, Johnson had to be put in protective custody while in prison, and after being released from prison, he was unable to rebuild his music career. Some of the legal issues that can be raised is defamation. It is causing harm to Johnson’s reputation and he is losing revenue.
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Sullivan lawsuit, the plaintiff, which would be Marques Johnsons, would have to provide proof of defamation. Johnson would have to prove the defendant made a defamatory statement, and that the statement was also published to at least one other person. He would also have to prove that the defamed person was him, the defendant must be at fault, and that that the statement is false. He has to prove actual malice. The defendant had to have published the statement with reckless regard to the truth.
In addition, Marques Jonson’s case can also be connected to Curtis v. Butts lawsuit. Just like Waller Butts, Johnson was wrongfully named in an incident that occurred. The Butts case is similar to this case because Johnson is a public figure. From the article, there seem like there could be an “extreme departure” because TMZ did not comment to say if there was a deadline. This could mean that TMZ had time to check their story before
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