Analysis Of ' Likes And Dislikes '

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Likes and Dislikes: I found this book quite interesting. I especially enjoyed reading the parts where Ender talked with or about Valentine like in chapter nine where he receives Valentine’s letter. I liked reading this part because even though Ender knew Valentine’s letter was monitored and approved by the teachers it still released a flood of emotions from him. He was reminded of how much he loved her but it still made him angry at the teachers for not letting him have any other of her letters. I found the fact that even though Ender knew that the teachers were using Valentine as a tool to manipulate him into doing what they wanted he still did what they wanted afterwards very interesting. In my opinion, I think he did this because some…show more content…
Both these qualities are present when Bonzo and Ender are fighting. Overall I didn’t find any unenjoyable aspects within the book but the genre of the story wasn’t one I personally enjoy. I didn’t particularly like the alien versus human aspect because I normally like reading more dystopian novels or real-world novels and not science fiction. Favorite Chapter: My favorite chapter is chapter 5 because this chapter is when we really get to see Ender’s character. When Ender feels sad and alone he counts in powers of two in order to get these feelings off his mind, in this chapter he reaches an incredibly high number before losing count. This shows how intelligent Ender’s mind is. My favorite part of this chapter is when he is in the game room because when he is watching the older boys play the more difficult game he learns how to play very quickly. He realizes the patterns of the game and how he can overcome every play made. Once Ender feels he knows the game he challenges one of the older boys to a game out of three. The first time he played Ender figured out the controls but he was slow at defending against the older boy, towards the end of the game he was doing much better but still lost. The next two games Ender won. I found this part amusing because after the older boy had lost twice he blamed it on old machines and did not admit to Ender’s abilities but Ender knew he had won because he was good. This showed me that Ender was going to do very well in his
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