Analysis Of Lila Restaurant At Caulfield Victoria

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In this assignment I would like to discuss Lila restaurant located in Caulfield Victoria. This company produces and sells its signature product lines of south eastern Asian cuisine and drinks. Conduct research on trends in the industry within which the company operates and provide a brief analysis of these trends and the relevance to the company’s activities.  industrial trends: nowadays more and more customers prefer the food to be made with all natural ingredients, no artificial colors, no chemical additions and they want to know the detailed composition of the production process. These factors are relevant to the restaurant business operation process as they impact on the production and marketing strategies used in the future. …show more content…
These activities are more professional and can help to know more business network and sources. • development and distribution of samples, case studies, testimonials and other evidence of enterprise activity: customers’ positive feedback and comments can help creating a large impact for the other potential customers in the market. People will normally be influenced and attracted to purchase the products from the parallels of customers rather than following the traditional advertisement tools. • development of media releases, articles and media background information: by using the media channels and published journals, the promotional strategies and advertisements will be more professional as it was endorsed and approved the industry experts and recommendations. Review the profile of the market segment that is the target audience for the company, including positioning and marketing mix for each segment. Market segment Positioning Marketing mix Individual customers convenience to buy: Lila restaurant’s long service hours and operating days has allowed the individual customers convenient to purchase or buy its products. •

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