Analysis Of Lolita 's Tehran Is A Memoir By Azar Nafisi

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Reading Lolita in Tehran is a memoir by Azar Nafisi which shows life struggle of people, especially women living in Iran during revolution. Nafisi is a literature professor who has started her own secret class with seven former students. The class meets once a week and discusses different works of the western literature. In Iran women were were not allowed to read western literature and the ones who read these novels were punished. Iranian government considered western culture bad for their women. The meetings became significant of their own existence and purpose of life, which was somewhere lost during revolution. This memoir discusses life of women under the repressive regime and how literature helps them connect to reality. Nafisi and her students read western literary works like Lolita, The Great Gatsby, James and Austen. They use literature as a medium to socialize and communicate their views about current Iranian government. They compare women 's position in western culture to culture in Iran. Literature helps these students to have their own life, despite resistance form the government. Lolita is a story about young girl Lolita and the way she is forced by much elderly Humbert to live with him. Humbert doesn 't allow Lolita to have any life outside their house. He doesn 't allow her to talk to any boys or have boyfriends. Humbert restricts her in every possible way so that he doesn 't lose her. Nafisi compares behavior of Humbert with the Islamic Republic. As

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