Analysis Of Lone Ranger And Tanto Fist Fight In Heaven By Sherman Alexie

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“When I write about the destructive effects of alcohol on Indians, I am not writing out of a literary stance or a colonized mind’s need to reinforce stereotypes. I am writing autobiography,” Sherman Alexie. In the book “Lone Ranger And Tanto Fist Fight in Heaven,” Sherman Alexie blends real life experience with fiction in order to address the struggles of the Spokane people. He addresses how historical trauma continues to negatively impact his tribe. In order to describe these struggles Alexie focuses on a young man named Victor, who represents Alexie. Sherman Alexie describes how alcohol can damage families, through examining absent parents, aggressive uncles, and the stress of overcoming alcoholism by stepping out of tradition so that the family may benefit .
One of the many different ways alcohol has affected Victor's family is his parents drinking too much, and as a result not being there for victor when he needs them. When Victor was a younger, he was at a holiday party, and
During a Holiday party, that his parents hosted at their own house, Victor couldn't find his parents anywhere, and he started getting worried, and even started to cry as he tried to find his parents. When he finally finds them, they are passed out drunk on their bed. ‘“Where are they?” He asked Aunt Nezzy, “who” she asked “my mom and dad”’. (P. 9) Victor feels scared and confused as he tries to find his parents that are passed out drunk. “Victor thought the alcohol seeping through their skin,
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