Analysis Of Look No Feather, The Proof Is In The Pigeon

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Look No Feather, The Proof is in The Pigeon: How the National Audubon Society is Using Their Online Presence to Help Birds Audubon is one of the United States’ oldest nonprofit organizations and their mission is to “protect birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation” (About Us). Founded in 1905, The Audubon Society was formed in response to the massive slaughters of waterbirds, like egrets and herons. Born with a daunting mission, the National Audubon Society has never stopped defending birds by using groundbreaking science and education. The Audubon’s website is located at and this website’s intended audience is people…show more content…
Now some of these visuals take their striking power even further by using movement. For examples on the Audubon’s “Strategic Plan” page, it is presented like a slideshow and each slide is a visual of a bird species, but the birds are moving, giving life to the images. From images that present current initiatives to lively visuals of birds in flight, it is clear that visuals are a main component of the Audubon’s effectiveness at continuously supporting their mission. Another wonderful piece of the Audubon website is the beautiful variety of colors that help certain elements stand out. On the “Home” page certain text boxes stand out to the observer due to their salmon coloration. These text boxes include: “Take Action”, “Join”, “Renew”, and “Donate Now”. Obviously, these boxes are immensely crucial to this organization, so it necessary that they catch the observer’s attention and their colors do this wonderfully. If the observer were to hover over these salmon colored text boxes, then a large white drop down tab would allow the observer to choose whatever path fits their present intention. Perhaps the observer simply clicks on one of the text boxes instead of hovering over them, this would lead to that text box’s main page. For example, if the observer clicks on “Donate Now” and does not select one of the drop tab’s options, like “How to help”, then they will be directed to a donation
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