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Louis Nowra subverts the stereotypes present in the media, by constructing characters that we empathize with.
What are the current media stereotypes? How does Nowra construct characters that we empathize with?

Body 1: Mae
Mae is the middle child of the family. She had once been a nurse although it had turned into a trail of bad patterns within her life. Mae had once fallen in love with a doctor which ended up being married. She later stole money from the Hospital and been convicted of crime. Mae was sentence to community service and chose to look after her sick mother. When arriving back to the house Mae had been shocked by its appearance and decided to clean it up, and fix what had been broken whilst managing to still
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Body2: Nona
Where she came from is unknown although the readers do know she has seen her sister in Adelaide. Nona’s personality opposes Mae’s indicated by their conversation in the first scene. Nona believes her appearance is essential. “No pain is plain” and her mother’s death was peaceful. Mae’s personality opposes this completely. Mae describes Nona as a “street walker” (Page 11) Nona dresses allowing her mother to recognise her rather than to respect her. She uses colourful and colloquial vocabulary – necrophiliac, arseholes etc. Her character has also changed slightly at the beginning of the Scene, her personality was always portrayed as the adventurous one of the sisters, however she is now worried about the burning of the house believing they are going to go to jail over it. She is the one that seems to contain some logic, mentioning Cressy on fire and her burnt hand. However she still hasn’t lost her playfulness (page 60) when he stars the dancing in the mud flats. Nona’s stubbornness is portrayed as she again mentions the scatter of their mothers ashes against the will of the other sisters and she pushes them to do this. This can be evaluated as she still see’s good within her mother while the other sisters have been hurt by her and seem to care less. (Page 62) Nona gives the background of their heritage “back to where her grandparents came from. First the whites, now the Japs” She again brings up her father “The Black Prince” she uses this against

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