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The movie Love Actually (2003) by Richard Curtis demonstrates how the connections between people are limitless and that love is a concept that has the ability to lift people up and tear people down. The movie follows the lives of nine different relationships and the audience is able to see every aspect of love, romantic, platonic, familial and more. In an article by Ben Dreyfuss, he points out that most critics of the film point like to say that Love Actually “is a saccharine soulless picture that relies on an emotionally manipulative soundtrack and has nothing to say but somehow takes 136 minutes to say it” (Dreyfuss). However, that is not the case. This movie has had a lot of controversy since the release in 2003. In this paper I…show more content…
This film does a great job of showing that not all loves are happy and pleasant all the time. In an article written by Seija Rankin, she points out that “people do refer to their desired relationships in the context of popular films”. (Rankin) This is a reason why this film is so important, especially in today’s culture of romanticizing everything. People need to see real world examples of what love looks like. They need to be aware that love does not always go right, and everything is not always flowers and daisies. While the Prime minister and Natalie’s story worked out, not everyone in the films did.
Love Actually is just that, portraying love as in actually is. Not just the pleasant happily ever side but also what happens after happily ever after. For example, the story of Juliet, Peter, and Mark. Joliet and Peter get married at the beginning of the film and Mark is the best man. Juliet has always had the impression that Mark did not like her as he never really made any attempts to get closer to her or get to know her in any way. Through a series of event Juliet finds out that Mark has actually been in love with her the entire time. Once she finds this out at the end of the film Mark shows up and tells her yes, he is in love with her, but he knows that they can not be together. This highlights the unhappy sides to love. When one’s love cannot be returned by the one they desire. It shows the audience that just

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