Analysis Of Love Is Not All

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The poem “Love is not All” by Edna St. Vincent Millay stood out to me when reading poetry in class. The meaning of the poem “Love is Not All” is to remind someone that there is more to life than just love. For example, in a class discussion on September 26, it was discussed that love does not supply the necessities of life (Craig). This poem serves as a reminder that there are things in life that matter more than love such as, food, shelter, and water. The poem “Love is Not All” stood out to me because of my ability to relate to it and use it to help guide me through a bad break up. This poem stood out to me because of its deeper meaning. This poem reminded me that love is not all that exists and it is not all I have. When going through a breakup it can be very easy to say, “I’m never going to find love” or “I am going to die alone”, this poem is a reminder that you do not need love to survive. When going through a bad break up you can lose sight of yourself and the things that are important. For example, line five in “Love is Not All” states, “Love can not fill the thickened lung with breath” (Millay 975). This means that love is not what is keeping you alive. This helped to remind me that even though losing the person I thought I loved may hurt, it was not going to kill me. This poem has a strong meaning of pushing through a hard time dealing with love. This poem shinned a bright light on the important things in life. Love is like a bonus in life, because it is not
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