Analysis Of ' Love That Dog '

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Teachers are expected to encourage and challenge students daily in the classroom. Students are able to recognize hidden strengths when they are encouraged and challenged to learn something new. Many students are frightened when teachers introduce poetry in the classroom due to never being exposed to it growing up. Miss Stretchberry in “Love That Dog,” helps students to discover themselves and gain confidence through poetry writing. A characteristic good teachers are expected to possess is to always encourage and challenge students. Miss Stretchberry shows students how to understand poetry and look within to express themselves with a new type of learning with poetry. Jack is very resistant to the whole concept of poetry at the beginning stating “I don’t want to because boys don’t write poetry. Girls do.” She continuously encourages all the students by helping them to find subjects to write about, having them write detailed poems, and posting the anonymous poems on a bulletin board to show other students their work. Through this encouragement Jack is able to take baby steps toward gaining confidence by finding out he has a lot to say and several ways to express it. Miss Stretchberry does challenge Jack to write poems, but does not pressure him beyond his limits by allowing him to post the poems anonymously. Jack finally realizes with Miss Stretchberry’s help that he has a hidden strength of writing poetry to express himself for instance Jack is finally able to deal…
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