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The aim of this essay is to to provide a market analysis for Lucozade energy drinks. Lucozade is one of the leading companies in the industry of energy and sports drinks in Great-Britain and Ireland (, n.d.). Originally named Glucozade, Lucozade was created in 1927 as a sickness recovery drink. In 1929, it was renamed to Lucozade. In 1980, the soft drink repositioned “as an everyday recreational energy drink” (, n.d.). This essay shall address the manufacturer of Lucozade Energy, an innovative feature of the product and the target market in which it is aimed. I will also discuss how Lucozade Energy interacts with the 4Ps of marketing and its use of advertisement.

In 2013, GlaxoSmithKline sold Lucozade,
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With 46 mg of caffeine per 380ml bottle (, n.d.), the function of this product is to provide energy. Lucozade energy is available in multiple flavoured drinks such as original, orange, melonade, pink lemonade, cloudy lemonade, cherry, tropical, strawberry, the Brazilian and Grafuitti (, n.d.). Having such a large variety of flavours ensures that Lucozade energy satisfies a large number of people with varied tastes. In addition, the energy drink is available in a tablet form which is available in the original and orange flavour. The drinks are sold on the market in different sizes. Consumers are able to purchase a 380ml, 500ml or 1 litre sized bottle. The 380ml sized drink is also available to purchase in a pack of six (, n.d.). Lucozade has successfully built an iconic brand. A brand is a distinguishing object, such as a name or symbol that identifies the products of a seller. A strong brand is important for a business as it adds to the value of the company. Consumers’ perceptions and preferences of a company with a strong brand may be higher and as a result, this can act as barrier to competition. On all of Lucozade’s products, a large image of the logo is placed on the side. The logo consists of the brand name Lucozade in a bold, slanted font and appears to be in the shape of a bullet. The…show more content…
Promotion is intended to make target audiences aware of products and the potential benefits (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Lucozade energy has been promoted through contests, sponsorships, social media and promotional campaigns. In 2015, Lucozade invested £14m in its ‘Find Your Flow’ campaign for Lucozade Energy. This campaign was intended to change the perception of the fizzy drink as a cure for colds and hangovers and reposition it as an ally of busy people. The campaign included TV and radio advertisement and was mentioned frequently on Lucozade’s social media pages. In some of England’s top train stations, floor decals using the campaign’s brand colours directed commuters in and out of the station, improving the flow of the station (, 2016). A previous campaign ran by Lucozade was their YES campaign. Its aim was to re-energize the brand. The campaign lived across many well known platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Shazam. The campaign featured collaborations with rapper Tine Tempah, musician Travis Barker and Olympic gold-winner Katie Taylor. The campaign was also involved in many sporting events and music festivals (, 2016). Another method Lucozade uses to promote its energy drink is by running competitions on a frequent basis. Currently, Lucozade is running a travel competition with a prize of fuel card, oyster card top up or travel voucher (,

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