Analysis Of Lullabies For Little Criminals 'By Heather O' Neill

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Children who are neglected by the people they care for during their childhood will find potentially harmful ways to cope on their own. This rings true in the circumstance of Baby in the novel, Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill. Of Baby’s friends her age, she often chose the most troublesome, she begins to cope by means of drug use, and she sells her body in an attempt to gain self-worth. Baby’s father failed to care for her as a father should, especially in the absence of a mother. This forces Baby to find ways of dealing with his negligence on her own. Baby’s choice of friends is not often those of her own age. When in school though, she manages to find people who she can get along with. These people however, are not often…show more content…
He was constantly high on heroin, and when he was not, he was grumpy and abusive towards her. Eventually in times of lonesome, Baby got a hold of drugs on her own. First, she tried magic mushrooms. At first, getting high was a way for Baby to entertain herself. However, she eventually tried her father’s drug of choice, heroin. She quickly becomes addicted to the feeling she gets when high off this drug. Heroin entwines itself into Baby’s day-to-day life and begins to impair her normal decision making, “There wasn’t much, but there was enough to make all my anger dissipate. As soon as I was high, I couldn’t even remember what my escape plan had been (569).”Her quick addiction allows Baby to find an escape from her reality. Turning to drugs to fill the void her parents left within her childhood is not only temporary, but it is dangerous. People close to Baby demonstrate first-hand the dangers that this coping mechanism can pose. Her pimp, Alphonse, even died of an overdose with her in the room, “As soon as I looked at Alphonse’s face, I knew that he was dead, even though I had never seen a dead body before (604).” Baby’s method of coping from her father’s negligence is to turn to the exact thing that she witness ruin him, heroin. However, as a child of her age, she would not know any better. Her father is happier and more affectionate towards her while he is high, so it would only make sense to her to think that she would be the

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