Analysis Of Lullabies For Little Criminals

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After analyzing Lullabies for little criminals in a feminist theory lens, it becomes clear that this novel is based on the portrayal of women In a male dominated society. Men are described as stronger or more important in the story than women are. Baby meets a lot of women in her 2 year life span in the novel, but they never make as much of an imprint in her life as the males do. She has no mother and so you think that she would be out looking for someone who can be a role model for her. Instead because of the way her society is built she is forced into something that the men think is normal, and that all the women seem to be doing. Her father albeit being a junkie has high hopes for his daughter and doesn 't want her to be seen as a “whore”, yet even he can 't stop the pressure of society being put on her.

Baby views the men in her life as more important or impactful than the women. She does meet many different women, but they all seem to be either old mothers or more predominantly rebels and prostitutes. She thinks of women as things that fascinate her, because she doesn 't understand them; even though she is a woman herself. It makes the reader wonder when there will be a decent female character In the story. What it really makes the reader feel when a new female is introduced is that they either, won 't stay long, they are prostitutes, she’s a bad influence, or she is a bully. The portrayal of women in baby’s life isn 't very significant(her mother is mentioned
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