Analysis Of Luria And Rubin ( 1974 )

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Introduction Subject investigated: Gender stereotypes Details and aim of replicated study: Luria and Rubin (1974) Background literature: Previous studies about gender stereotypes enforced on people include; “Effect of infant’s perceived gender on adolescents’ ratings of the infant by Degelman, Dvorak, and Homutoff and Cowan (1983). These studies highlight feminine and masculine traits. They ask middle school students to rate a baby on each of those traits. Rationale: Our group decided to examine the differences in how boys and girls are described. We used a baby, whose gender is not mentioned, as the control. We knew that specific sets of expectations based on gender are enforced at a young age. We thought adjectives used to describe a baby could highlight stereotypical gender roles. Aim / Hypothesis: We believe it is more likely for the baby to be described based on appearance when told it is a girl and when told it is a boy to be described based on their potential and whether they “looked smart”. Our aim is to highlight the differences between males and females using stereotypical gender roles. -- -- Method Design: 15 students were each asked the same question, “could you tell us 5 words or phrases that describe this baby?”. 5 were told it was a girl, 5 were told it was a boy, and 5 weren’t told a gender. We decided to use 15 people so that we could use the non-gendered descriptions from 5 of the participants and compare them to the descriptions of boys and

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