Analysis Of Macquarie University Sports And Aquatic Center

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Background Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Center is a multi-purpose fitness offering swimming pools, health clubs, and group fitness classes for students and local community. Macquarie University’s sport club also offers Mac Warrior which includes the different levels of the competition and competitive sporting programs such as AFL, cheerleading, cricket, quidditch and so on. Baldwin (2012, paras 8-9) finds that traditional sport clubs usually have strict training timetables and regular matches such as football, basketball, or rugby so less conventional sports are widespread popularity among the students. Macquarie University’s sport club should support more social sport groups like hiking to the sport club. The members would enjoy outdoor sport trips in the weekends throughout the academic semester. There are many reasons the students should join the clubs in terms of social skills, personality development, and management skills and friendship and fun. Gidda (2013, paras 2-8) examines that joining a university society member is the best chance to find out social benefits and do not stick the familiar activities that you know. Moreover, Harris (2013, paras 12-17) finds that competitive sport reflects the bigger impact on a student’s grades of 14-18 years old than join the debating or drama club. It can be said that sport helps to develop a mentoring relationship in adults at school because sport leads to help develop time management skill and ability to work with

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