Analysis Of Madam Cj Walker 's ' The Souls Of Black Folk '

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Writing is really important to make our voices heard and it also can be use as a source to express ourselves, especially if we do not have much freedom to do it orally. Readings such as daily newspapers have really large audiences and it also can be use as the ‘vehicle’ to deliver our thoughts and make sure people hear our opinions or things that we want to deliver. Based on a reading with a title “Broadening Representational Boundaries”, written by Rooks, we can see that the first black women millionaire in America, Madam CJ Walker, also authored numerous articles about her life and her business empire to be issued in various news sources around the country (76-95). Madam CJ Walker is not the only person who wrote her own stories to make her voices heard. There are many other public figures that also writing stories about themselves, such as Booker T. Washington who wrote “Up from slavery” and Du Bois’s who wrote “The Souls of Black Folk.” In my opinion, this practice of writing own stories is really beneficial and also a critical dimension of Black life, self-definition, self-determination, and assertion of their place in American society because of many reasons. As we know, by writing own stories, one can inspire, share the lessons that they learnt, share victories and setbacks that they encountered and many more to the readers. We know that blacks faced so many hardships and they were also seen as an inferior race even after the emancipation proclamation. Because of

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