Analysis Of Mahaney 's ' God 's Mercy And Grace '

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Mahaney leads by prompting the reader to ponder what is most important to them. He suggests that we need to remember that the main thing is that God sent His Son, Jesus, to bear His wrath for every sinner. The author mentions that the three main tendencies that draw us away from the gospel are subjectivism, legalism, and condemnation. Mahaney makes sure to ask the hard questions and really makes the reader think. He also explains symptoms of not living a cross centered life such as, lacking joy, not consistently growing in spiritual maturity, and your love of God lacking passion. In the second paragraph, Mahaney talks about why the cross should define our lives. He talks about how Paul encourages Timothy to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified the main thing. Paul wants Timothy to guard that idea with his life. The author then relates to Paul’s amazement of God’s mercy and grace. He gives a brief overview of his difficult, drug immersed past, and reflects upon how God has changed his life since then. The author discusses, in chapter three, that images cannot appropriately express the gospel. Mahaney demonstrated that “The Passion of the Christ” movie, though it brought awareness to many on how Jesus died, did not adequately express why Jesus died. He also notes that Isaiah 53 looks like it were written beneath the cross. In that passage God spoke about someone He called “My servant” – who is Jesus Christ, and the servant did not impress people by human

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