Analysis Of Malcolm X By William F. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Growing up, every year we would learn something about Martin Luther King Jr. He was a great man, who accomplished great things etc. But just occasionally you would catch a brief mention of another name. He was an activist like Dr. King, but different. Radical. Dangerous. Alex Haley told his story to millions who had never heard it before. His name was Malcolm X. As the title of the book suggests, The Autobiography of Malcolm X tells the life story of Malcolm Little from his childhood in Lancing, Michigan, up to his assassination (told in the epilogue) in 1965. His childhood was rough, his father was killed by a racist mob, and his mother was committed to a mental home when he was young. After moving to Boston to live with his sister, Malcolm fell in with the various “hustlers” in the city involved in scams, drug dealing, prostitution, etc. Things only escalated when he moved to Harlem. While in the bustling new city, Malcolm both sold and smoked dope, handled prostitutes, and even committed armed robbery. The major change in his life occurs when he is arrested for the latter, right after his almost fatal conflict with a local gangster. It’s in prison where Malcolm experiences his religious conversion. Sparked by his family’s new beliefs, the letters of “The Nation of Islam Leader” Elijah Muhammad, and his habit of voracious reading, Malcolm Little converted to The Nation of Islam, and claimed his new name of Malcolm X, representing his lost “true family name”(Haley 186).

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