Analysis Of ' Mama 's Here Now '

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How to Get Away with Murder Analysis
When talking about television, one issue that often comes up is diversity, or the lack thereof. Many shows don’t feature a representative cast. That is not the case in How to Get Away with Murder, the hit show produced by Shonda Rhimes for ABC Network. The show goes beyond featuring a diverse cast; it features real, completely relatable characters. The combination of these factors and the abundance of drama are what make How to Get Away with Murder such a popular and wildly successful show, and in creating such a show, the producers have used its platform to bring social issues to the audience’s attention.
In the episode chosen, “Mama’s Here Now,” aired on February 15, 2015, the back stories of several characters are explored. It explains, in detail, who they are and how they got to where they currently are, with focus on the main character, criminal defense lawyer, Annalise Keating. The episode begins with Annalise’s mother visiting and taking care of her daughter, who has just gone through the traumatic death of her husband and the incarceration of her lover. Through reminiscing on both sides, we learn much about Annalise’s (or Anna Mae, as that is learned to be her birth name) past and present, including the fact that she was sexually assaulted as a child. The episode also deals with issues of the other main characters in the show, such as the fact that Nate Lahey, Annalise’s ex lover, has just been arrested and may face discrimination…
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