Analysis Of Man In The Mirror

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Chandler Lamey Mrs. Jamie Nelms Sociology 101 Date Music Project – “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson Introduction This paper primarily explores Michael Jackson’s song, "man in the mirror." The song "man in the mirror" is inspirational about making a positive impact and personal redemption in the world. It was released in 1988. This catchy song tries to explain that changing the world is possible (Wallerstein 2). Many sociological concepts are displayed by Michael Jackson in the context of song’s lyrics. The band of the song tries to express their concerns with the actions and views of the world of the present day. Basically, the band reflects upon the world's realism as their question the mentality. This song is surrounded by the…show more content…
Such a change would bring to an end their sufferings. The verse “a widow deeply scared, the broken heart of somebody" also explains the way in which the society is failing to act coherently and sanely that was once viewed by the society to be correct. Evidently, such actions aimed at affirming the way people fail to live to the norms of the society. In their article, Clennon and Boehm (8), notes that the rules of conduct are much similar to the norms. Besides, they give suggestions on the way individuals should be acting in a given society. In the song of Michael Jackson, such rules of conduct play a significant role in questioning some of the actions that violate certain norms in the society. Additionally, an infringement of the norms and values of the society is also evident in verse "it is the time that I realize." Here, the song says that one should not pretend to be blind. The society is aware how other individuals suffer. For this reason, everyone must act quickly “starting with me” to save the situation (Wallerstein 3). A symbol or Topic of Inner Struggle and Self-Reflection The symbolism in this song is that life is hard for other members of the society. This song regards a man trying/ resolving to alter his ways before starting to change the world. This
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