Analysis Of ' Man 's Search For Meaning `` By Andrew Solomon

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As many individuals know the most common types of depression and what symptoms occurs. However, every kind of depression has a meaning or purpose of why it happen at a certain period of life. The topic I will be discussing is does finding purpose help in recovery for disorders like depression and how will it help during the process. People assumes that when someone feels worthlessness in life assumes it is just depression. There is more than one type of depression and the actual term for it is existential depression which Frankl describes minor details in one of his chapters. Though there are many treatments for depression, how does finding purpose or meaning in life help in recovery for existential depression patients? In Andrew Solomon’s article “Depression” he was suffering from depression and felt like his life was meaningless and had no purpose to live. He describes his depression as a vine on an oak has grown onto him and always has thoughts on death. In Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” he describes that young patients who suffer this neurosis include two identification: from “being jobless was equated with being useless, and being useless was equated with having a meaningless life. Depression can be referred to many types though there is one type relevant to an individual facing issues of freedom, life, a meaning of life, and death.
Existential depression is a type of depression whereas an individual feels as if one’s life is worthlessness and…
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