Analysis Of Maria De Garcia De Marquez

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Finding out a family member has a disease and that it’s a mental one, is devastating. Mental problems don’t just destroy the individual, but the entire family. Until recently, we came across something known as delusions of persecution. We immediately started seeking for answers only to find out my great-aunt, Maria de Jesus Carbajal de Marquez, has been suffering from delusions of persecution for the past three years. Never in a million years did we think that one of our family members would suffer from this mental disease.
Whenever a person falsely believes they are being conspired against by others is called delusions of persecution. An example of delusions of persecution would be that the government is spying on an individual (e.g. tapping their phone lines) because they were wrongfully identified as a terrorist (“Specific Themes of Delusions”). There are four general types of delusions: bizarre delusions, non-bizarre delusions, mood-congruent delusions, and mood-neutral delusions. Moreover, there are specific types of themes of delusions. These themes range from: control (believing another person is able to control your brain) to grandeur (believing that you are God) to mind reading (believing others can read your mind) (“Specific Themes of Delusion”). For example, delusions of persecution is a theme that has eight different types of sub-themes: “attacked, cheated, conspired against, followed, harassment, obstructed, poisoned, and spied upon,” (“Specific Themes
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