Analysis Of Marion Dadds And Susan Hart

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This paper from Doing Practicioner Research Differently, by Marion Dadds and Susan Hart, explores the way in which a researcher (Joseph Geraci) has entered into the world of several individuals living with autism, and has spent time observing and working with them in order to gain a better understanding of what it is like to live with autism, and the reasons behind why autistic individuals behave in some of the ways that they do.

The underpinning philosophical basis for the methodological approaches the research adopts.

By definition, an underpinning philosophy means the foundation beliefs/the system on which the research is based around. In the case of Joe Geraci 's research, his main methods of data collection were those of observation and conversation. In research, observations can either be overt or disclosed (that is, the participants know they are being studied) or covert/undisclosed (where the true identity of the researcher is kept secret from the group, a deception)
In general, observations are in fact a relatively cheap method of data collection to carry out, and the researcher needs few resources. However, what they are is very time consuming for the researcher.
In 1995, Bassey said that the main purpose of research is to 'create new knowledge and understanding for us, to help us know something we did not previously know ' (Bassey, M – 1995), which is what Geraci as a researcher is hoping to achieve here by experiencing his subjects ' behavior first-hand in
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