Analysis Of Marion Square 's ' The Beatles '

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A line the Beatles lived by was, “there are places I remember all my life/ all these places have their memories.” One of the most prominent places that make up Charleston is the centrally located Marion Square. Marion Square Hotel and Garden has been around for centuries; it possesses a prime location for different types of cultural and social activity in downtown Charleston. Tourist are able to see how the park has many purposes that help prolong the Charleston vibe. As I grew up attending art festivals, performing in festivals themselves, spending my weekends puppy sitting, and modeling on the garden, it is clear to me why everyone loves the garden due to its radiant environment. People enjoy their summer afternoons outside playing sports, tanning, or reading a book under the vibrant golden globe in the sky. I have cherished many childhood events on the garden and because of the intense feeling I get when I have a flashback; I can not wait for more to come. How did Marion Square come into existence? Around the 18th century, John Wragg received seventy-nine acres of land in downtown Charleston immediately after his father passed away. John came to the conclusion that selling nine acres of land to the government seemed like a worthy investment. The government used it to build a wall that secured the citizens of Charleston from the Native Americans. (Wikipedia) A ten acre plot of land, previously known as the Citadel Green is a central gathering place for locals and

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