Analysis Of Marjane Satrapi 's Persepolis Essay

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When we think about Iran, numerous people often associate the country with nothing but negativity. The main reason people feel this way about Iran is because Iran has had a long history of violent tension with countries like our own. We tend to generalize that all of Iran is evil because of what the media tells us. We will rarely listen or read something that the media puts out that portrays a positive image of any Iran citizen. The truth is that there are many citizens of Iran that could be similar to us, and are not the villains the media shows. There are people in Iran that believe we have irrational thoughts about their country, and believe their country is not what we think it is. In Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi discusses life in Iran because she wants people to know that there are good people living in it. Satrapi feels her entire nation should not be viewed solely on the fact of its past extreme actions. She feels like since she was a child other countries deem the whole Iranian population as terrorists. Another group of scholars were also curious about the perception of Iran. These scholars researched how our country and Iran perceived each other. The results to the study are interesting, and show a theme of negativity towards Iran. Satrapi uses her graphic novel to tell us about her life experience during the Iranian Revolution. Although this was a violent time period, there were countless people, like Marjane that had no interest in violence. Marjane calls
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