Analysis Of Mark Bittman's 'What Causes Weight Gain'

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In “What Causes Weight Gain”, Mark Bittman builds an argument against the promotion of heavily processed foods and for the promotion and consumption of “real food”. Bittman speaks about the lack of public awareness of the true causes of weight gain and the lack of a serious solution to a serious problem. Real food would solve most of the worrisome possible symptoms of an unhealthy diet. Bittman speaks about sugar being used to represent all unhealthy food items, and that all sugars only seem damaging because they are not naturally occurring. Mark Bittman feels that many steps should be taken to lower processed food intake, such as a soda tax and proper labeling. In the end, Bittman states that the simple message to get across is to “Eat Real…show more content…
The target audience for the program was first line supervisors, so that they could take the information they learned and disseminate it to their soldiers. The class was very eye opening for me, and I decided to implement some of the things I learned, not only at work with my soldiers, but also at home, with my family. One of the many topics covered during the program, was the fact that the last few generations have been conditioned, through aggressive marking and propaganda efforts by corporations, to consume massive amounts of processed foods, and that it was healthy to do so. With that in mind, it was no surprise to me, that I met massive resistance from my wife and kids when I started changing our diet, little by little. Michael Obama recognized the problem and tried to implement change where change needs to start, in our young people. She met strong resistance at every turn from the corporate elites, lawmakers and lobbyist on capitol hill. Everyday Americans were also not very happy, they are still very much conditioned to accept the same old story, happy to suck down those big gulp sodas and processed Big Macs with a smile on their face, oblivious to the health consequences they may face a few years down the line. Maybe the new Commander and Chief will be able to,”Drain the Swamp,” and make some much needed change, however judging by who he is picking for cabinet positions, I won’t hold my breath. There is so much more that can go into this but I am already over my limit so I will stop
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