Analysis Of Mark Bowden 's Black Hawk Down

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B.H.D. in the M.U.S.D. “A vivid, immediate, and unsparing narrative that is filled with blood and noise” (Yardley). Mark Bowden’s Black Hawk Down is amongst the most profane, gory, and explicit military pieces in history. Why should the Morongo Unified School District’s approval even be up for consideration? October 3, 1993, the Battle of Mogadishu stamped itself in American history. The intense battle between American and Somali soldiers resulted in the death of eighteen American men, as well as the severe injury of seventy and counting. Exposing students within the M.U.S.D. allows for students to learn from first hand experiences, as well as apply the book’s lessons to their own lives. Approval from the Morongo Unified School District…show more content…
Somalian militia” (Anderson). By including all first-hand experiences Bowden gives students in the M.U.S.D. direct sources to help lean their decision of whether to join the military. As Morongo Unified School District students can learn about the logistics of military life, social understandings are also taught from Black Hawk Down. As proper education is essential to succeed in life, so is the adaption to social apprehension. Students within the M.U.S.D. are almost destined to have relation to someone active in military involvement. The reading of B.H.D. gives and understanding of what people in the military do for our country. “Americans watched on television an angry mob drag the body of a dead U.S. soldier through the streets of Mogadishu” (Matray). Having personal ties with soldiers active in battle allows M.U.S.D. students to connect to the intensity of the event in Black Hawk Down. Bowden’s book covers the primary importance to stay humble. Arrogance is a key to failure. As seen in B.H.D., “the over-confidence of the Americans ultimately led to more casualties” (Anderson). One must “count the cost” before going into battle with an arrogant and confident mind. Examination of all perspectives in all situations is another essential factor to success. With Bowden’s fluent change of perspective throughout the book, students

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