Analysis Of Mark Bramble And Michael Stewart

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Matthew J. Taylor, and Kara Gibson Slocum. The playwright and direction was done Mark Bramble and Michael Stewart.
The plot of 42nd Street was very easy to follow. Peggy Sawyer, a new and talented dancer, wants to go big on Broadway. She gets the courage to go audition of a musical called Pretty Lady, but when she gets there, she finds out she was too late. As she is leaving, she over hears that the company is down one dancer and they need a replacement fast. Peggy basically gets the part because she was in the right place at the right time. When it is the opening night of the Pretty Lady, Peggy accidently runs into the man star, Dorothy Brock, who ends up breaking her ankle. The director fires Peggy and forces the show to close because
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The story line followed the theatrical plot very well. Everything that needed to be introduced in the beginning was in the exposition, the rising action was leading to the climax, the climax was a suspenseful moment, and the falling action led to the resolution very smoothly. I would say there was some foreshadowing with telling us Peggy was somehow going to get a big part in the musical Pretty Lady. She was an excellent dancer, almost better than the rest of the dancers, so she was most likely going to get a led role, most likely by having something bad happen to another one of the main character.
The music and dance was very helpful with adding to the story line. They incorporated song and music to tell certain parts or to emphasis something. The music was very upbeat and was almost storytelling like. They would be talking about an event our themselves to help the audience understand something more. The dance was one of the best parts. Not only was it very entertaining, but it worked perfectly with the music. Most of the tap dancing was right on beat to the beat of the songs. The music and dance was one of the reasons this production was very entertaining and easy to watch. There was never a dull movement and they always kept the audience wanting more.
I think this production was very effective. With most plays and musicals, it is much easier to see the theme that
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