Analysis Of Mark C. Daw 's Leadership Skills

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US Army Sergeant First Class (Retired) Mark C. Daw was an inspirational senior noncommissioned officer to many Soldiers. He served with distinction throughout many of our nation’s conflicts from the Cold War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Who was Mark Daw? What qualities did he show as a leader? How was he an inspiration to those he served? Using ADP 6-22 as a guide, SFC Daw’s leadership will be examined to show his superior leadership abilities. SFC Daw was the embodiment of what an Army leader should strive to be because of his lead-from-the-front mentality, his understanding of the human dimension of leadership, and his care for his subordinates.

SFC (Ret.) Mark C. Daw is the subject of this Leader’s Legacy
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He served in Desert Storm with an engineer battalion, where he was awarded the Purple Heart. He served with Special Operations in Bosnia, supporting the search for Serbian war criminals. He then was sent to Korea to a military police company to take over the communications section of the company headquarters. That is where I met then SFC Daw. SFC Daw had immense and varied experience to draw upon and his previous assignments ensured he had the knowledge and development to be successful.
The Army identified several core attribute leaders should have in ADP 6-22, Army Leadership. One is character, which is defined as “doing what was right legally and morally” (DA, 2012, p. 6). SFC Daw’s character was beyond reproach. He did not sweep things under the rug within his section nor did he fail to report issues to the chain of command. He did not win popularity contests but he was well respected in his organization. Another core attribute listed in ADP 6-22 is intellect, which is defined as “how well a leader thinks about problems, creates solutions, makes decisions and leads others” (DA, 2012, p. 7). SFC Daw did draw upon his knowledge of regulations, technical data of systems, and experience to solve problems but he also could solve problems creatively and minimize mission impact of some issues. SFC Daw would typically solve discipline issues at his level when possible so other leaders did not have to get involved and take time away from their tasks. Looking at
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