Analysis Of Mark Twain 's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn And Henry James

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Haohang He
In the 19th century of America, there are certain changes in the society and politics resulting from the expansion to the west America as well as civil wars. Famous artist in America turned to reality as a way to bring their feelings and concerns during that time. For those concerns that stem from realities includes widening gap in social class where there were class struggles among those of the white people and negro, and misjudgment between Americans and exotic immigrants. Those famous authors like Mark Twain and Henry James wrote down social and psychological transformations bring out in the nation by creating removed, impartial status of daily life. In order to bring readers to be fascinated and thoughtful by their novels and to depict their character and the reader’s setting to life, Mark Twain in the adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Henry James showed the reality of life in his story Daisy Miller. There are two main part of realism definitions help to understand about the realism novels: the objectively depict skills which contain the texts appeal what authors really want to express instead of mentioning directly from author’s words, and real details which reflect real and historical social imagines, and make readers have resonances with authors.
Firstly, as for the objectively depict skills, I believe that there are a lot things that authors have experienced or heard can directly reflect from certain story plots or scenes which…
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