Analysis Of Mark Twain 's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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Chris Andrews Mrs. Garrett March 2, 2015 English 3 Trust is Earned Trust is having the confidence to rely on someone or something. This attribute is extremely hard to achieve and requires sacrifices. For Huck to find a home or a place he is comfortable with he needs to have the feeling that he is surrounded by characters of reliance and assurance. Huck Finn has a highly different perspective of the world opposed to the people who surround him. Most importantly, Huck struggles heavily on determining the difference between right and wrong because of the people around him that influence him. He makes his decisions based upon past experiences dictated by trust. Mark Twain makes the choice of a social satire because having Huck tell the story allows the reader to see and understand how a child interprets what happens around him. The reader can then view Hucks thought process and grasp what he is feeling. For example, while being around his father, Huck does not feel safe therefore he runs away. Throughout the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck comes across multiple families and people, yet he never experiences a truly comfortable feeling among any family due his conscience constantly fighting with his white southern instincts. Moreover, Huck begins his story being constantly harassed by his drunk father. His father is consistently looked upon by the town as a failure and a disgrace to the south. Pap is continually beating Huck for going to school because he believes by
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