Analysis Of Marshmello

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Marshmello is a world sensation. He was ranked 28th DJ in the world in 2016. Considering his identity is still unknown there is no information about his birth or where he is from. Marshmello’s genres are electronic, EDM, Club/Dance, Dubstep, Groove-oriented, and synth-and-bass-heavy. On January 8, 2016 marshmello released “Joytime” and was a huge success. The number one song in the album was “keep it mello” featuring rapper Omar linX. In 2017 Marshmello released songs featuring Ookay, Noah Cyrus, Khalid, and Blackbear. Marshmello, in the theme of masked djs like deadmau5 and daft punk, he wears a helmet that looks like a marshmallow with cross eyes and a smile. He wears all white as well to emphasize marshmello. He also usually has intersecting
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