Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Ghandi Essay

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Cesar Chavez was a great leader that left a legacy in the United States, just like Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi. These great leaders preached for equality and fairness. They were elegant, civilized and thoughtful about their approach against oppression. Cesar Chavez recognized and praised his predecessors. He studied and learned from them and their techniques. He used many of the approaches that MLK and Gandhi used to become successful. Non- violence was crucial to Cesar, among many other principles. Just like in the generations of these great leaders, hostility and oppression still exists in the world. In the United States, there are racial, ethnic, and religious groups that are still being oppressed. There are many ways to go about fighting this oppression, at the moment I believe that many people are doing it wrong. I feel that protestors, activists and other organizations should come together to learn and organize an elegant, smart, and respectful movement that will lead the affected groups into a better tomorrow.
Caesar Chavez was at times addressed to as the “Mexican Moses’’ as a reference to the biblical story of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Cesar’s followers saw themselves as the
Israelites, because farm workers at the time were being oppressed and exploited by farm owners and other civilians. Even though the affected were Mexicans and Mexican Americans, there was a smaller population of Filipinos who were also affected. Chavez and his family went

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