Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr Speech

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Nestora Santos FA17 – English 1153 Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister and a human rights activist. He was in Birmingham, Alabama to lend a hand to other activists who were attempting to have a peaceful demonstration to protest the injustice that were occurring. Martin Luther King Jr. was not a violent man, he was dedicated and passionate about the fair treatment of everyone. He was called to Birmingham to help provide a peaceful demonstration. However, he was arrested and put in a Birmingham City Jail because he tried to stand up for his fellow African Americans. While in jail he wrote an essay where he talked about injustice, morals, rights, just laws and unjust laws. He had seen segregation, injustice, and racial discrimination.…show more content…
In Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter he writes about the injustices regarding African Americans. The racial injustices that African Americans were subject to was morally wrong. Over sixty years later, after the Supreme Court ruling, why does racial segregation still exist? With the amount of diversity in this country I am still at times baffled by the great division of races. Even as Barack Obama was campaigning he was subject to criticism about his race either “not being black enough or being too black.” Marches, protests, and sit-ins are not enough to help America reach racial unity. Even after many years of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fighting for racial unity, the problem still exists. We need everyone to care enough and want racial unity in this country. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama have experienced discrimination in their life. Both have fought to end discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr. tried to share his ideas of non-violent ways of standing up against discrimination. Barack Obama refers to the history of “Legalized Discrimination” that this country has suffered. He refers to the wealth and income differences suffered by African Americans. The fact that they were prevented from owning a home or contributing to society because of their skin color. In Martin Luther King Jr. refers to children asking to go to the local amusement park and parents having to explain that they cannot go because of their skin color. Due to the overwhelming
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