Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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By 1963, when Martin Luther King planned a campaign against segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. During the demonstration he was arrested and lives in the jail for eight days. While he was in prison, he wrote his "letter from Birmingham Jail" to explain his actions and those who urged him to call off the demonstrations. Martin Luther King Jr. Birmingham Jail is important because, he explains the reasons for the non-violent demonstrations, he shows that black people are intelligent, and he criticizes the unjust laws of black people. Eight Alabama Clergymen were expressed understanding that honest opinions in racial matters could properly be followed in the judges, but urged that decisions of those courts should in the meantime be peacefully obeyed. Responsible citizens have undertaken to work on various problems which cause racial friction and unrest. However, they confronted by a series of demonstrations. ..... There were four basic steps about nonviolent campaign: collection of the facts to determine, injustices exist, negotiation, and self-purification. They have gone through all these steps and they can be no opposing that fact of racial injustice overwhelms this community. Birmingham is most segregated city in the United States. There have experienced ugly record of black people and a lot of unsolved problem were still there. Negro leaders were trying to negotiated with the city commander to solve these but they refused to opened their mouth. So many people were in…
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