Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Every immigrant man, woman, or child has a story to tell, whether they travel alone or together, they have a reason to travel and start a new beginning. If a immigrant travels to America from a foreign country, they aren't always treated equally or fairly. Martin Luther King Jr. writes in his essay, "Letter from Birmingham Jail", about various topics regarding equality. Even though King writes about African-Americans and equal rights in America, he's writing about every person who is not welcomed in their country. He would have helped anyone in any country who was treated unfairly, "Had I lived in Germany at the time, I would have aided and comforted my Jewish brothers"(King 227). Immigrants face the same issue that King had to deal with during his time. There are five main issues that prevent immigrants from being accepted; equality, justice, oppression, freedom, and the advantages and disadvantages to allowing immigration.
Like Dr. King, immigrants coming to the United States want freedom just as all Americans do. as all Americans do. That's the reason coming to America. There are other factors preventing them to become legal and have the same rights as Americans. Most of them come illegal which would cause them to apply for citizenship, this can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. King states in his letter "We have waited for more than 340 years for our constitutional and god-given rights" (King 224). This is entirely true for all immigrants. According to
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