Analysis Of Martin Luther 's ' The Reformer '

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As a young student previous to this year I have not had much experience studying Martin Luther the reformer. However, I found this book to be very helpful to study the history of Luther. The author James M. Kittleson states on page fourteen “The primary purpose of this book is to tell the story of Martin Luther to readers who are not specialists in the field of Luther studies and who have no desire to become ensnared in the arguments of specialists.” That is exactly what the book does, it felt as if it was directed at a student such as myself, who has little to no knowledge of Luther, and told not only of his personality traits but his life career. Kittleson starts the reader off before Luther is born and takes him through his life’s career all the way to Luther’s death. One thing that I found interesting in the book was rather than start with Luther when he began to study theology, he began before Luther was even born discussing the life of Luther’s father. Luther was born as a peasant to Hans and Margaretta Luder, the author says “Luther’s birth was a matter of such insignificance that he and his friends later debated the exact year,” (pg.31) meaning that not even Luther himself knew when he was born because it was so unimportant. Luther’s father, Hans, was a very successful and loyal father who played a heavy influence on his son’s early life. Hans was a devoted man, the morning Luther was born Hans rushed him to the Church of St. Peters to have him baptized. Shortly
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