Analysis Of Martin 's 17 Great Challenges

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There are far too many issues that the human race will have to deal within the upcoming years, and even now. In “Martin’s 17 great challenges” some of these issues are furthered explained. Although, this paper is only focusing on one and that is Bridging the Skill and Wisdom Gap. As the great author himself, James Martin, said “Society 's best brains are saturated with immediate issues that become ever more complex, rather than reflecting on why we are doing this and what the long-term consequences will be.” Therefore, Bridging the Skill and Wisdom Gap will be an issue for the near future because it will lead to less creativity in the job industry and less knowledge about life itself, but we can solve this by focusing on your best skill,…show more content…
Sometimes, the journey you take will provide you with most of the wisdom you get in life, making it one of the most important parts. If you rush through that journey, and rush to get to your destination you’re going to miss gaining all that wisdom and experience from the path. Another thing is people tend to look for the intelligence in their leader, not wisdom. “one might argue that in today 's world, wisdom exceeds both creativity and intelligence in importance.. It 's easy to point out intelligent leaders and candidates for political leadership, but it 's far more challenging to identify wise leaders and candidates.” (Robert. J. Sternberg) Yet again, it goes back to people wanting the simplified, unchallenging choice. People now don’t want to work for what they want. They don’t expect anything to be hard and when it is they give up. Why do we even need wisdom? Wisdom is essential because how is the human race going to learn how to survive efficiently and fully without wisdom? How are people going to learn once you do something and get in trouble you don’t do it again, thus, making you wiser. In order to fill this wisdom gap we must try to fully experience life and take in the small things, and most importantly gain more knowledge about the world you live in and the people around you. Also, to try and recognize the possible consequences of what they do, instead of just doing it. People need to comprehend that everything they do has a
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