Analysis Of Mary Fisher Speech ' Whisper Of Aids '

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My name is Cindy Laguerre and today I would like to write on Mary Fisher speech titled “Whisper of AIDS”. First I would like to give brief background information on Mary Fisher. Known as an artist, author, advocate, and founder of family AIDS network. As an AIDS patient herself while working for the Republican Party, she delivered her speech in 1992 in front of the whole nation. During that same year, she funded the family AIDS network. Throughout the years, she was committed to work with AIDS patience in Africa and continued to be the voice of those with AIDS. Given that Mary was also an artist, she would make jewelry for those individuals in parts of Africa such as Zimbabwe, Rwanda, to help funds with AIDS research.
Mary fisher speech was focused on the facts about HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS has been around from many years starting from the years 1981. In the months in the year 1981, young gay men were being diagnosed with Kaposis sarcoma, which is a rare form of cancer, and pneumocystis carinii, which is a rare form of lung infection. Although a name was not known for this virus that was infected by many, those who were gay were stereotyped and thought to be the only ones able to contract this disease till others started getting infected that weren’t gay nor male. Those with AIDS were treated like animals and looked down at. One example I read of this is of a couple who was evicted by there landlord because they were gay and when they contact the social service employers,
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